• Training Within Industry (TWI) Nigeria Programs

    • TWI Job Relations.Proactive conflict management & increased employee satisfaction.
    • TWI Job Instruction. Employee skills development and the key to standardized work.
    • TWI Job Method. Continuous process improvement also called Kaizen in Lean.
    • TWI Job Safety. Create and maintain a safe and healthy working environment.
    • TWI Problem solving. Solve your problems systematically, so that they do not reoccur

  • President's message

    Scott M. Curtis: President & CEO, TWI Institute.

    "The TWI Institute has had the good fortune of working with multinational oil & gas company in Nigeria over the last seven years.  The team demonstrated exceptional knowledge and skills in their application of TWI and Lean.  This team,  were recognized as one of five winners from a group of 244 nominations for relentless production improvements and waste reduction through the use of TWI.  Now, this team has formed the Nigerian branch of the TWI Institute with the capability and focus to bring the same level of results to other industries and sectors in Africa.”

  • Certification Program

    Are you a manager or internal consultant, and want to work with TWI by the TWI Institute certification process. You can read more about the basic TWI 10 hours of courses and the TWI 40-hour train-the -trainer courses here.

  • TWI Nigeria vision & mission statement

    Our Vision

    "To achieve the full potential of Training Within Industry (TWI) for organizations in Africa."

    Our Mission

    "To support industries or organizations in Africa to accelerate production of goods and services to meet world-class specification."

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    TWI Time Table

    TWI Time Table

    TWI Improvement Through People

    TWI Improvement Through People

    As organizations mature in their understanding of Lean and continuous improvement, most learn the
    TWI – Gives you the skills to succeed!

    TWI – Gives you the skills to succeed!

    TWI was first used in American industry and in hospitals for more than 70 years ago with great