About Us

Training Within Industry (TWI) Institute Nigeria is a registered company in Nigeria and a global partner of the TWI Institute, Syracuse, NY United States. We represent the Institute’s interest in Africa with the primary aim of ensuring the implementation of TWI trainings across the globe.
At TWI Institute Nigeria, our activities are geared towards TWI Implementation and focused around these areas:

  •  Training
  •  Certification
  •  Lean Implementation
  •  Continuous Improvement

TWI is a foundation for fostering organizational excellence and transforming business culture. TWI complements Lean solution by providing your frontline personnel with skills to establish a culture for change, improve methods and facilitate standard work.TWI Institute Nigeria is your trusted resource for training, certification, coaching, networking and education for the growing community of practitioners and trainers in the manufacturing, building & construction, healthcare, oil & gas, refineries, telecoms, agriculture, banking & finance, government MDAs (Ministries, Departments and Agencies), SMEs (Small & Medium Entrepreneurs), educational instructors, laboratory technologist, aviation & maritime services, warehousing, hospitality and service industries.

TWI is a dynamic programme of hands-on learning and practice, teaching essential skills for supervisors from all industry. The skills of front-line supervisors and team leaders make or break the effort to implement and sustain lean manufacturing fundamentals. TWI provides the missing link to lean manufacturing and Kaizen, the foundation of the Toyota production system.

TWI teaches the essential skills of Job Instruction (JI), Methods, Improvement and Leadership in three skill modules, each comprising of five days of 2hr sessions. Supervisors learn well defined and easy to implement methods. Participants bring in actual job from their own work site, to learn by doing approach, which is efficient and effective. Each module is presented by TDO Certified Instructors using the approved TWI methodology. The fourth module is Job Safety (JS) in addition to the other three skill modules which are Job Instructions (JI); Job Relations (JR) and Job Method (JM).

TWI teaches people how to identify opportunities for improving their job, how to propose these ideas and how put them into practice. By doing so, TWI provides an immediate return on investment from work force training.

TWI as a change agent integrates lean manufacturing to create continuous improvement.

Dr. Alan G. Robinson, an award-winning author, an educator and a consultant, after studying the impact of TWI on businesses for several years recently commented “The TWI programs have a long track record of dramatically boosting productivity and quality almost wherever they are used, they might well be the most successful supervisor training programs ever developed. Over the last four decades, they have supported the Kaizen efforts of some of the world’s most efficient companies. In particular, they played a central role in the conceptual development of lean production and in instilling its most important principles in the minds of millions”.

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