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Job Instructions

Job Instruction (JI) – is a 10Hours course that teaches trainers (supervisors and experienced workers) to train inexperienced workers faster. The instructors are taught to break down jobs into closely defined steps, show the procedures while explaining the key points and the reasons for the key points, then watch the student attempt under close coaching, and finally to gradually wean the student from the coaching. The course emphasized the credo, “If the worker hasn’t learned, the instructor hasn’t taught”.[At the request of enterprises outside of manufacturing, variations to the JI program were developed for hospitals, office and farms.

is a step-by-step, relatively simple technique used to train employees on the job. It is especially suitable for teaching manual skills or procedures; the trainer is usually an employee’s supervisor but can be a co-worker. The JIT technique consists of a series of steps that a supervisor or other instructor follows when teaching an employee to do something. As adapted for use in Botswana, the steps consist of the following: (1) get ready to instruct; (2) prepare the learner; (3) present the learning; (4) try out learner performance; and (5) follow up. The steps are often summarized and printed on a small card that can be put in a worker’s wallet or pocket. The worker can refer to the card when preparing to instruct or when instructing another employee. The Institute of Development Management has found that 10 hours spread over 4 or 5 days are needed to teach and learn this skill in Botswana. On-the-job training workshops typically devote 3 hours to job analysis, 3 hours to introducing the JIT approach, and 4 hours to practice and feedback. Additional time is given to other training techniques and affecting change towards use of these techniques. (12 references) (YLB)

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