TWI – Gives you the skills to succeed!

TWI was first used in American industry and in hospitals for more than 70 years ago with great effect. In 1951, Toyota introduced TWI, and practice it still every day as a key element in their production system. 15 years ago was TWI rediscovered as “The Hidden Secret of Toyota,” “The Human Side of Lean”

and today TWI again proved its worth in industry, health, administrative and service – in fact all places where predictability, safety , quality and stability are important.

  • Is your job instructions or standardized work is not followed by all?
  • Is your continuous improvement not continuously?
  • Should your first line leaders rather be called fire men, instead of the supervisors?
  • If there is skepticism about the changes? or mistrust between management and employees?

If any of these questions true, you need TWI!

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